How to organize a flat move to another city?

If you are not doing this for the first time, then you are very well aware that it is almost impossible to survive any move, no matter where: to another country or city, to a new apartment or to a country house. Immediately a lot of questions arise: how to organize the relocation, how to properly pack things, how to transport furniture and bulky things, with whom to negotiate, whom to ask for help, where to start, etc.

But organizing a move is not a reason for panic. If you think about it, even for the most difficult case you can always find a solution. And it may not be so difficult if you know where to start. Of course, moving to another city or to a new apartment is a crucial and difficult step. And we begin with the smallest.

Relatively speaking, the whole upcoming process is divided into several small stages:

Preparation (collection, packing of things for relocation, solving related issues)
Loading and transportation
Unloading things in a new place, their arrangement.
Such an approach and the implementation of small operations will help at all stages to show attention and concentration, to do everything on time and not to forget anything, to be careful, to pack everything carefully and correctly, to organize and agree, to bring everything safely to the new place of residence.