In addition to devices for carrying heavy household goods.

Household appliances are best transported in their own boxes, if they are preserved. But even if not, it is easy to buy this packaging material for symbolic money in the nearest bookstores, wine shops and pharmacies. And often they give away for free.

Another option to get the cardboard packaging is to order via the Internet with delivery or to buy in companies engaged in transportation and moving at reduced prices.

Boxes should not be too large (optimal size – 40x50x60 cm). Filled with things, they become simply unaffordable (they are inconvenient and difficult to carry, they can fall apart due to the large weight). Especially the size of the box is important when packing books and dishes.

In large boxes, you can pack bulk, but light things – outerwear, textiles, bed linen. For strength, the bottom of the boxes before filling is preferably taped.