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And then, preferably, lay a sheet of corrugated cardboard and secure it with scotch tape. It is even better to pack the product in a suitable-sized box, fixing it there. As clamps, you can use the same bubble film or small volumes of matter, if there is nothing at hand, then just crumpled paper, since the advertising products are full of mailboxes in the hallways. So your TV (monitor) will be securely prepared for transportation on a low-tonnage cargo taxi (Goby, gazelle).

Do not forget to securely entangle the box, and make sturdy handles for carrying.
Large – dimensional furniture is better to disassemble, carefully pack in a bubble or PVC film, or corrugated cardboard (disassemble ordinary boxes, because they are all made of it). Fasteners from each product to put in a separate package or box and sign. It is necessary to ensure that the fasteners are not lost and not messed up; all packages with fasteners can then be folded into one common box.