Do not try to fill the boxes all the way, giving them the shape of a ball or a ball for football

Heavy things and books are best packed in bags with wheels. This will save power and conveniently roll bags, and not carry the weight in his hands. Bed linen, clothes and towels should be placed in garbage bags. Such a container can withstand a lot of weight and has excellent capacity. To understand what things in which closet to put, you should again use the label.

Moving companies are your assistants in moving
Modern people suffer from a lack of free time, therefore, more and more often, when moving, they turn to companies that provide moving services. These firms are engaged in the implementation of freight and travel to any distance. The main difference of the specialized organization is the possibility of providing a wide range of services, including the work of loaders, the sale of packaging material, rigging, etc. At the same time, experts pre-assess the cost of the order and fulfill the arrangements for the move at a specific time.