Kitchen Organisation Tips

Kitchen Organisation Tips

Believe us, few people know how difficult the organisation of a brand new household can be. Especially once you’ve finished relocating to a new home; you’ve definitely got your work cut out for you. There are all of the things you need to unpack and find a proper place for them. And sure, in some rooms, making a new arrangement won’t take too long. But when you’ve got to deal with kitchen organisation – that’s something a bit more difficult. After all, there are plenty of appliances here, big and small; as well as an assortment of other details that you might not have thought of. With that in mind, we’ve collected a couple of tips that should help you complete this process smoothly.

Kitchen Organisation is Important

Dealing with a transition to a new household is, as we’ve mentioned, complex at best, and tiresome at worst. And that’s true even if you find professional assistance for your family relocation. But once the move itself is done, you shouldn’t fool yourself; the real work is yet to begin. Primarily, because you’ve got stuff like kitchen organisation to deal with. This means you need to approach this task with the right mindset. For one, don’t underestimate just how difficult it will be to set up the entirety of your kitchen in a new area. Along with perhaps the bathroom area, this is one of the most crucial rooms in your home that you need to get up and running right away.


Kitchen Organisation Tips


And why is that? Trust us, we’re not saying this arbitrarily. In more ways than one, the kitchen is one of the most practically important parts of your household. Unlike, say, the living room, which you use to relax and wind down; the kitchen has a functional aspect that can’t be overlooked. That’s where you cook most of your food if we don’t count grilling outside; which you definitely won’t be doing as you’re setting up your household. It doesn’t matter if you’ve relocated to a new home or you’re remodelling your old house – once the preparations are done and the household items need to be put in their place, start by organising the kitchen first.

Gather All of The Stuff

Okay, so we’ve established why the kitchen organisation is definitely one of the chores to do right away as you (re)organise your home. Now you’re facing two things; on the one hand, all of your kitchen items and appliances packed up in boxes, and on the other, an empty space to fill with them. And if you’ve packed your stuff properly, you’ll have labelled all of them so that you know where all of the kitchen items are located. Unfortunately, if you haven’t; there are no two ways about it, you’ll be faced with some box-rummaging before you can separate all of the kitchen stuff.


Once you’ve finished sorting out all of the packed items, put all of the things that you’ll be populating the kitchen with in one place. And once that’s done, you’ll be able to move onto the next phase of your kitchen organisation.

Major Appliances

When it comes to kitchen organisation, and really household organisation in general; there’s one rule that’s as true in such a process as it is in general life. Before you begin working on the details, make sure you’ve figured out the big picture. And that method is more than applicable to the process of sorting out your kitchen. But what does this mean in practice?


A kitchen area with wooden white and blue elements, representing kitchen organisation tips.
Kitchen Organisation Tips


Well, you want to put all of the worktops, kitchen islands, and major appliances in their chosen position before you start handling stuff like the utensils or the coffee mugs. And in order to do this properly, there’s one crucial thing you must do first – plan out the layout of your new kitchen. Before you move even a single thing, you need to be certain where each of the bigger kitchen elements will go. So, use tape to mark the kitchen area, and have the layout handy on a piece of paper. Once you’re done with that, the physical work itself will come much more easily.

Storage Areas

If you’ve finished putting all of the counters and appliances in their new proper place; you need to start placing all of the tinier things as well. For example, you may have some perishable food that’s been waiting for you to reorder your kitchen. In that situation, you want to put the food in the fridge right away, as soon as you’re done hooking it up.


Once all of the food is where it needs to be, you can begin to sort the smaller appliances. Naturally, find the best spots on the worktops for them. On one hand, you don’t want them to be cluttered in one place; but on the other, you want them to be practically reachable at all times. And when you finish that, you can move onto reordering the remainder of your kitchen stuff. Try to place them in storage areas judging by the frequency of usage. In other words, put the glassware and the dishes in drawers and compartments that you can easily access at any time.


Naturally, there is no universal answer to the question of how to do a kitchen organisation. We’ve all got out personal preferences and tastes, after all. But when you begin dabbling in this, remember one thing – you need to strike a careful balance between your aesthetic needs and the practicality of the kitchen. After all, the most interestingly decorated kitchen in the world won’t do you much good if it’s not functional.


Kitchen Organisation Tips